All brackets for the final scores have been updated below as of 6.4.24 @ 9pm. 
Congrats to all of our teams! You all played hard to the end.
See you all again very soon!!!

Scheduled for:
Juniors Division: Saturday June 1 & Sunday June 2
Majors Division: Friday May 31 - Tuesday June 4
Minors Division: Thursday May 30 - Tuesday June 4

*Each team: Minors, Majors, and Juniors, will play a minimum of two games during the tournament.

During regular season of play, beginning with games starting on
April 2, 2024 though May 28, 2024,
Bishop Little League Board of Directors will use a point system for determining league
Tournament of Champions standings.
•Two (2) points will be awarded to the winning team of each game.
•One (1) point will be awarded to each team for a tie.
•No points are awarded to the losing team of any game. 

The first bracket updates, with game dates and times, are listed below.

First bracket showing all first games was posted as of 7am Wednesday May 29, 2024. All games will be played on the day, time, and location listed. Due to tight scheduling and umpire availability no changes will be made. The team with the higher seed will be home team in each game.

Brackets will be updated at the end of each day after all games have been played.

Score keepers will need to use GameChanger for tournament play so BLL Staff has access to all final scores and pitch counts. Please find a score keeper now for your games.

If you have not set your team up on GameChanger please follow 
THIS LINK or contact Ruth McIntosh (760.920.8996) at least a day prior to your first game to have your team set up.

TOC will be a BLL event and all players of any age, friends and family, are encouraged to attend!
Saturday June 1st 12pm-2pm is Player Appreciation Day!
Kids of all ages wear your jersey to the field. Join us and TapTruck395 for Root Beer Floats!
Look for the truck near the snack shack at field #2! 

Game scores and pitch counts will be posted (Game Scores) before midday the Sunday following game days after all home team coaches have sent their game result and scores, to the
BLL League Information Officer, Ruth McIntosh (760.920.8996)
or GameChanger scores and pitch counts have been finalized.
*GameChanger must have games marked as "Game Over", found in the menu at top right corner of the screen, to ensure scores and pitch counts are accurate.
GameChanger scores can be used in place of a text message, but you must initially contact BLL Information Officer to have your team added to Bishop Little League.

Current TOC Points Awarded
(as of 5/28/24 @ 9:30pm):
**Final Count**
Brackets to be updated 5/29/24

Minors -
•Seed 1: Braves: 15
•Seed 2: Giants: 14
•Seed 3: Dodgers: 10
•Seed 4: Cardinals: 9
•Seed 5: Lone Pine: 6
•Seed 6: Angels: 2

•Seed 1: Rangers: 18
•Seed 2: Diamond Backs: 12
•Seed 3: Yankees: 10
•Seed 4: Dodgers: 8
•Seed 5: Cardinals: 2

•Seed 1: A's: 13
•Seed 2: White Sox: 12
•Seed 3: Phillies: 9
•Seed 4: Angels: 6

*Final Brackets as of 6.4.24 @ 9pm

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