•Please make sure your player(s) is on time to games and practices. If you will be late or will not be able to attend, please contact the Manager, Coach, or Team Parent in advance. 

•Please remember that all our team parents, score keepers, coaches, managers, umpires, snack shack assistants and board members are volunteers. They have graciously donated their time and effort to provide this experience for your players. Please be encouraging, supportive, and treat them with respect. This will make the Little League experience a positive one for everyone. 

•Please remember (and remind any of your guests) that all field areas are smoke and alcohol-free. Smoking of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, or any other weed, plant, or substance, as well as the use of alcohol are prohibited by the City of Bishop in any park or city owned sports facility. This includes practices and games. 
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•No Food or snacks, including gum, are allowed in the dugouts or on the field. Sunflower seeds are allowed in the dugout only.  

•Keep the fields and park facilities clean and free of trash by picking up any litter on the ground under the stands and in the dugout after every practice / game.

•No player shall use ANY kind of electronic device in the dugout during practice or games. This includes cell phones, iPods, Air Pods, Etc.

•Parents are not permitted to talk to players on the field or in the dugouts. Players are not to leave the dugout during the games except to use the restroom. 

City of Bishop Code 8.32. - Smoking          * City of Bishop Code 9.08. - Alcoholic Beverages 

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